Friday, August 22, 2014

You have to hit 'em in their 'passion!'

So, I've been thinking a lot lately about change.

Not just the type of change that comes and goes and fuels the 'this too shall pass' epidemic, but the type of change that endures.

The type of change that is self-sustaining and the type of change that permeates throughout all levels of an organization.

The type of change that hits you deep down in your bones.

The type of change that forces people to make a choice... a choice to either get on the bus, or find an entirely new bus...

We all know about the 'low-hanging' fruit type of change.

This easy change is typically what folks go for because they believe that it takes these little small battles before one is prepared for the war.

It's these small changes that build confidence and credibility which in turn will increase the chances of success when it comes to larger more systemic and far-reaching change.

That is the typical approach and theory anyway...

I'd like to push back some on that approach and theory.

It's not that I don't think it will work, but rather I think it's short-lived and superficial more times than not.

These small changes are easy because people aren't really invested either way. There may be a few folks who are invested, but a majority don't really care which is what makes the change easy.

I'd like to challenge you to push for the big change.

I'd like to challenge you to go for the hail marry grand slam version of change.

When you have a conversation with your colleagues, find the topic that gets people most heated. Find the topic that gets people fired up and showing their 'passion.'

When you find that topic that hits people in their area of passion, you've found your opportunity.

You've found what people care most about and you've found something that goes to their heart. It's this type of change that builds long-lasting, enduring and sustainable cultural shifts because they touch almost everyone. The roots of this type of change go deep and are hard to break once established.

Make no mistake, this isn't the easiest path.

This won't be the quickest path.

But it may just be the path that gets you where you want to go...