Saturday, August 16, 2014

Our kids only have one chance...

For many of us, another school year is underway or will be very soon.

Perhaps we are teaching the same content or grade level or are in the same role as the prior year.

Perhaps we are planning to try some new things or approach a few things differently, but for the most part we are looking forward to tackling another year.

But for many of us, another school year is just that, another school year.

But here's the thing, it's not just another year for our students.

Our students may not recognize it or realize at the time, but us adults know better. We've seen it happen and we know the possible implications.

Young people experience so much growth in such a short time frame, so the time we spend with our students is of the utmost importance.

Though it might seem irrelevant in the big scheme of things, each and every day we have the opportunity to work with our students is a chance to positively impact their lives.

Each and every interaction we have with our students is an opportunity to influence another's life. The neat thing about influencing a life is that it creates a ripple effect that goes far beyond what any one individual can imagine.

Our kids are hoping we try something new that will create a more relevant and purposeful learning experience.

Our kids are hoping they get the opportunity to be a part of something that will positively impact the world.

Our kids only have one chance with this part of their lives and they are looking to us to make it magical and worthy of remembering.

If that's not power and influence then I don't know what is...

Our kids only have one chance... let's not let them down.