Sunday, August 10, 2014

What if you were student for a day?

Dear building level administrators, central office administrators, and boards of education,

I've got a challenge for you.

Sometime during the 14/15 school year, I challenge you to schedule a full-day school visit at one of the schools in your district.

Now, this isn't your run of the mill school visit where you have a few meetings scheduled and you visit a few classrooms in between touching base with folks in the school.

I'm talking about a full-day school visit that you schedule and plan in advance.

I'm talking about a visit where you arrive when students start arriving. I'm talking about eating breakfast in the cafeteria with students or sitting in the gym with students until school starts.

I'm talking about going to your locker and getting the things you need for your first class of the day. I'm talking about navigating the halls and getting to all your classes on-time.

I'm talking about leaving your phone and laptop at the office and spending an entire day in a school doing exactly as students do.

I'm talking about no email and no administrative duties for the day.

I'm talking about doing classroom activities and assignments and being one of the classroom students.

I'm talking about sitting in classes all day long and planning restroom visits based on when the bell or teacher allow.

I'm talking about an experience that will quickly remind you what it's like to be a student again.

Will you take a full-day to rub elbows with our most important clients, the students?

Will you accept this challenge?

Full disclosure... this idea was shared with me by Ty Crain, one of the principals in my district. I have full intent of taking him up on this offer and wonderful idea. Thank you Ty!