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If you liked something I tweeted about, liked something I blogged about, or liked something you saw in one of my presentations, feel free to contact me about coming out and working with your organization. I'm happy to personalize the event to meet your needs and below are some of the presentations/workshops I've led over the years. I'd be honored to be a part of your journey.

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Past and upcoming presentations:

Creating, maintaining and sustaining school culture (Alberta Canada 2019)

Finding your piece of the puzzle (FLANC, NC 2019)

Rebranding HR to positively impact district culture (AASPA, LA 2019)

Culture, equity and empathy (Fauquier County, VA 2018)

Getting your grading practices on track (Palo Alto, CA 2018)

Moving your 1:1 initiative forward with technology (Knob Noster, MO 2018)

Grading & assessment reform (Bond County Schools, IL 2017)

A fresh approach to HR in your district (MSBA 2017)

Back to school keynote (Russellville City Schools, AL 2017)

Revamping and rebranding your HR process (MASA/MOSPRA 2017)

Technology's role in a PLC to drive student learning (Knob Noster, MO 2017)

Technology, motivation & grading workshop (Beulah, ND 2017)

Learning in the 21st century for a 22-century future (#CTECon Conference 2016)

#HSEnow Keynote: Consume, create, contribute (INquiry PD event 2016)

The changing face of #education (Triad Community U2, IL 2016)

Contribution to make the world a better place (4 Rivers Symposium 2016)

Technology as an instrument of learning (Launching INquiry, IN 2016)

Future ready schools (PLC conference 2016)

The tech savvy administrator (NDASA 2016)

Thought Leader Presentation (Edsurge 2015)

Our K-12 STEM initiative (MSBA 2015)

Ensuring your grading practices aren't degrading (4 Rivers Symposium 2015)

STE(A)Ming full-speed ahead with learning (4 Rivers Symposium 2015)

Grading and assessment (Pearson ATI 2015)

#futureready schools keynote presentation (St. Joseph School District, MO 2015)

Zero... to STEAM (#StLinStL 2015)

The tech savvy administrator (MAESP 2015)

Using technology to STEAM full-spead ahead with learning (METC 2015)

The #unionrxi STEAM story (EdcampSTL 2015)

Let's get blogging with Blogger (GAFEmo 2014)

Transforming your professional development (MSBA/MASA 2014)

Maximizing your personal brand with social media (Webster University 2014)

The changing face of classroom instruction (MASA/MOSPRA 2014)

Last year called. They want their lesson plan back (METC 2014)

Today's tools for tomorrow's minds (MASA legislative dinner 2014)

Grading and MOOCs (EdcampSTL 2014)

Let's not degrade with our grading practices (PLC conference 2014)

Let's talk about grading and assessing... (RPDC event 2014)

Go MOOC or go home (EdcampKC 2013)

The changing face of classroom instruction (MSBA 2013)

Not using technology is no longer an option (School District 2013)

The toxicity of our grading practices (School District 2013)

Bring your own device (BYOD) (School District 2013)

Increasing rigor formative & summative assessments (School District 2013)

Social media and the connected educator (School District 2013)

What we are doing just isn't good enough anymore (SMCAA 2013)

Motivating the unmotivated student (School District 2013)

The tech savvy administrator (MASA/MOSPRA 2013)

Social media and how it's affecting education (SHRCSA 2012)

The instructional shifts of the CCSS (School District 2012)

Social networking: The I.V. bag of professional development (METC 2012)

The best practices of the connected educator (CSD 2012)

PLN (personal learning network)... what the heck is a PLN? (School District 2011)

Character, digital citizenship, and autonomy in 21st century schools (Character Ed. Conference 2011)