Sunday, April 10, 2016

Financial savvy with Earn Your Future Digital Lab

Personal finance continues to grow in importance. Though the importance and relevance continue to mount, unfortunately, there are still far too many young folks who struggle with the concept and frankly lack awareness. Furthermore, it's these younger years that often prove to be the most critical, so it's in the best interest of schools to continue our focus on teaching personal finance.

The PWC Charitable Foundation has put together a financial literacy program called Earn Your Future Digital Lab. This program is level/module-based and provides students in grades 3-12 the opportunity to gain valuable skills related to personal finance. 

As an educator, you can sign up and explore the different levels and modules, as well as get your entire class set up.

There are three different levels that are each designed for a different age group. Level 1 is designed for beginners in grades 3-5. This level is currently not available, but should be soon. Level 2 is intermediate for grades 6-8, and lastly, level 3 is advanced for grades 9-12.

When you start exploring the different modules within the levels, you start to see the true value in this program. Whether it is related to mortgages, saving money for that cool new phone, dabbling in the stock market, or applying for that first credit card, there's something for everyone within these levels and modules.

Another really neat feature of this program is the 'badge' system where students acquire new and different badges based on their learning and progress. When students go through the levels and modules, they will experience relevant and applicable scenarios that all students can relate to. Additionally, the modules provide students 'drag and drop' scenarios along with some basic and simple math computation scenarios.

Lastly, at the end of each module, students get a 'key learning points' summation to bring it all together. It's a great way to recap all the highlights from the module to ensure the information is retained by students.

In closing, this program does an excellent job of ensuring students can work at their own pace. There's nothing limiting the students to one level or module at the same time, which is critical to creating a personalized learning experience for students. 

PWC has created a viable program here which undoubtedly can help us as we work to provide key exposure and learning for our students when it comes to personal finance.

This is a sponsored recommendation and I have received compensation for writing this blog post.