Monday, August 4, 2014

How do you choose to see the glass?

Life is full of ups and downs.

Life is full of making choices.

Life is about attitude and perspective.

We all must choose to see the glass half full or see the glass half empty.

For you teachers...

Perhaps you have a larger class size than usual... though more challenging, it's an opportunity to positively impact a larger group of students.

Perhaps you didn't get the resources and materials you were hoping for... it's an opportunity to think outside the box and get creative with how you present information and the learning opportunities you create for your students.

Perhaps you got a group of students who are rumored to be 'challenging...' it's an opportunity to give someone a second chance and an opportunity to grant a fresh clean slate.

Perhaps your administration has been less than supportive in the past... it's an opportunity to invite them to see what you are doing more often and an opportunity to make them a part of what you are doing to positively impact and engage students.

For you administrators...

Perhaps you lost one of your veteran teacher leaders to retirement... it's an opportunity to build capacity with your existing staff to allow for new teacher leadership to emerge.

Perhaps you are being micro-managed by those in the ivory tower and you feel you have no autonomy... it's an opportunity to protect and further build trust with your teaching staff; additionally, it's an opportunity to invite those higher-ups to check out the awesome stuff happening in your building.

Perhaps you are limited on time to work with staff on student learning due to all the fires and day-to-day operations of the building... it's an opportunity to take a hard look at your priorities and figure out what can be held off until after school hours to maximize in school time.

Perhaps you have a group of toxic staff members who are plaguing the entire staff... it's an opportunity to reinforce and praise those who are not just good educators but are also good members of the team; it's an opportunity to lift up and empower those who want to do great things for students in your school.

For you parents...

Perhaps your child is in 'that' teacher's classroom this year... it's an opportunity for your son/daughter to experience one of life's challenges; life isn't always fair, so the sooner they learn this important lesson the better.

Perhaps your child is starting to hang around with 'that' group of students... it's an opportunity for you to teach your child about the different cliches and groups that exist in life; it's also an opportunity to speak with your child about what they want out of life and how they plan to work toward achieving it.

It's your choice how you see the glass...