Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Don't use a firetruck to put out a match...

We've all heard the phrase 'put the fire out.'

We all know the fires that are the biggest and fastest growing tend to get the water first.

We've all experienced a situation that grew out of control before we could even identify the problem; let alone find the hose to put the fire out!

Every day we experience problems. They range from small problems that require a little finesse all the way to big problems that require an 'all hands on deck' approach.

How we handle these wide-range of problems is ultimately one of the biggest factors that separates those who can contain and put fires out and those who can not.

Just as important, is how we react to those fires; how we respond to, and how we choose to contain and/or put out those fires.

For example, when someone is obviously in a frenzy because of something that has happened, you have a choice as to how you are going to respond.

You can join the frenzy and risk growing the fire, or you can be calm and logically and systematically figure out a resolution to the problem.

Remember, there are those fires that require us to bring in every hose that is available.

There are also those fires that require a little spray bottle.

Which fire are you responding to?

Are you putting the fire out or are you fanning the fire and causing it to grow...?