Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dear new teachers...

A few months ago I wrote a blog post just for you.

The blog post is titled, 10 things I want all new teachers to know.

Many of you read this blog post and for that I thank you. Hopefully you were able to get a few good pointers that have helped to ease your transition into the teaching profession.

You are now probably two or three months into the teaching profession. Not to be mean and not to say it will be you, but please know that historically about 50% of teachers leave the profession before the end of their fifth year.

This apparent mass exodus from education by young teachers is both alarming and detrimental to the overall effectiveness we have as educators.

So here's the deal: 

By now you have a little bit of an idea of what you are doing. 

You know that kids don't come in the same neat little packages just waiting to be unwrapped. 

You know that parents can be your biggest allies or your biggest pain in the rear at times. 

You know the system unfortunately is not always focused on doing what is best for kids. 

You know there are those with whom you work that are like walking blobs of toxicity.

You also know there are those with whom you work who would do anything and everything to help at the slightest request. 

You've also probably figured out that your administrator doesn't have as much time as he/she would like to guide you through this first year teacher process.

You know working beyond the typical school day hours is not only frequent, but that it's quite necessary to get everything done. 

You know this job isn't easy and you are starting to realize that it's only going to get more difficult..

You are learning that some really appreciate and respect what educators do, while others view education as the scapegoat for all of our societal woes.

So in closing, after all that you have witnessed thus far in your teaching career, please know that we need you. We are here to support you. We are here to help and we are here to see you succeed. We hope that you stick with it and we hope that you persevere and show the same type of grit you are expecting from your students. We hope you know that you matter and know that the work you are doing is vitally crucial to every facet of our society.

We hope to see you in five years...