Saturday, December 27, 2014

The H&R Block Budget Challenge returns!

A trend has been emerging for several years now and unfortunately this trend is confirming some pretty significant concerns for young soon-to-be adults.

Financial literacy is something that doesn't tend to get people excited and fired-up. There's nothing sexy about or shiny when it comes to talking about budgeting and monetary awareness.

Here's the catch though... we live in a world that's fueled by money and when our students aren't getting the necessary knowledge, experience, and awareness of how to navigate the world of finance, we are putting them in a tough spot as they truly enter the 'adult' world.

USA Today has even written an article titled, 'Millennials Struggle with Financial Literacy' to bring some of these concerns to light.

Enter the H&R Block Budget Challenge...

The H&R Block Budget Challenge is a FREE financial literacy game that simulates many of the real-life scenarios that adults encounter when it comes to money. Things like paying bills, managing expenses, considering tax implications, saving for retirement, and saving for a rainy day, are all situations students will experience in this simulation. This wonderful learning experience is open to all students 14 and older in grades 9-12.

Check out some of these quotes from teachers who've successfully experienced this challenge with their students:

My kids love this challenge. Every day they are engaged and want to learn more about personal finance—and, more importantly, they are becoming more financially literate.

 I must thank you for the wonderful resource this simulation is and how useful I'm sure it is going to be for their future financial success. They are checking on their status in class all the time, even when it isn't our scheduled activity. Those who have downloaded the app have found it incredibly useful and convenient as well.

 My Juniors and Seniors do this for a project grade every Wed. and Fri. We have a good time with this "bonding" experience and there is great laughter as well as dread when they have late fees! I really appreciate the people who put this challenge together. It is wonderful to witness them learning about "real life"! 

 The Personal Finance teachers at our school have incorporated this simulation into our daily class procedures. The students (and teachers) love the real-world components and valuable lessons to be learned. We are very grateful to have this free resource to help students better understand financial responsibility.

 I am so thankful that you guys have put together such a wonderful curriculum for teens.  Every time I am out and someone asks what I do and I tell them I teach financial literacy to teenagers they all say "I wish they had that class when I was growing up." Thank you for everything you do!

Additionally, not only do students and teachers get the opportunity to experience this real-world simulation, there are also several opportunities for teachers to win classroom grants and for students to win scholarships based on their performance in the budget challenge. Up to 3 million dollars is being awarded by H&R Block to help promote financial literacy and awareness for students all across the country.

So, in just a few short weeks, the next rounds of this simulation will start, so please be sure to check out the challenge and get your students registered before it's too late!

Full disclosure, this is a sponsored post and I have received compensation for recommending this product.