Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How well do you take constructive criticism?

We've all experienced it before and it's very commonplace in our everyday lives.

You write something... you design something... you create something... you share something... you present something...

You then ask for feedback and input in the hopes of improving and making whatever it was better.

The person or persons on the receiving end then say something nice like... that's a great start or that was wonderful.

Then, even though you know it's coming, you get shocked when the infamous 'but' escapes their mouth.

But, you could have done this... or you might want to consider this... or you should probably change this.

By now after the constructive criticism you are probably feeling deflated and a little defeated.

How often do we ask for feedback and input only to get our feelings hurt once we receive the feedback and input?

Here's the thing, when we share or present something to someone, we are sharing and presenting what we feel to be worthy of sharing and presenting. 

Let's face it, people don't share and present things that are unpolished and incomplete. We want others to like what we are sharing, so when we get to the constructive feedback and input discussion, we are always hoping and aiming for positive feedback.

The tricky part is having enough confidence and 'toughness' to handle the constructive criticism...

The tricky part is putting yourself out there to be vulnerable...

The tricky part is having the endurance to pick yourself up after you've been knocked down...