Sunday, November 10, 2013

5 things great teachers & Thor have in common...

I've recently rekindled my interest in Thor. As I've thought more about his character and the role he plays, I'm noticing more and more similarities to great teachers.

1). Great teachers are immensely loyal to their students and are immensely loyal to the cause. Thor never hesitates or questions his purpose or his existence. He is above reproach with his commitment and dedication to protecting Asgard and the nine realms.

2). Great teachers always have a plan and know what they want to accomplish, but in the same breath, they also aren't afraid to 'adjust' & change on the fly if needed and if appropriate. Thor always has a plan and knows what he wants to accomplish, but he is also willing and able to adjust his plan when circumstances require it.

3). Great teachers play by the rules, but they also are willing to bend rules and/or go around the rules if it means doing what needs to be done. Thor must go against the will of his father, Odin, several times in the interest of doing what needs to be done. Thor's treason and disobedience are not initially accepted, however in the end Thor's decisions are respected.

4). Great teachers aren't naive, but they do believe in giving second chances and do believe in trying to bring out the best in others. Thor knows Loki can't be trusted, but Thor holds out hope that there may be something pure and something righteous still within Loki.

5). Great teachers aren't in the business of education for accolades and fame; they are however in the business of helping and assisting others without wanting or needing recognition. Thor has the opportunity to assume the throne of Asgard, but in the end he determines he can't adequately help and assist others while on the throne, so he declines.

Thor is most definitely not an educator in the traditional sense, but nonetheless there may be something we educators can learn from him...