Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stop telling people how to use social media...

There's something happening in social media lately. Perhaps you've noticed it... perhaps not. Perhaps it's even bothering you too... perhaps not.

I don't think it was ever intended to happen, but nevertheless it's happening.

More and more I am hearing, seeing, and reading about how we should be using social media. There seems to be a growing consensus that there is one specific way to use social media and if you aren't using it that specific way, you are doing it wrong.

I'll be honest, there have been times when I have thought someone is not doing it right and said to myself that they aren't using the tool properly. Perhaps there are those who feel I'm not using social media properly...
As I see from others and reflect on what I have done, it has become blatantly clear to me that nobody is in any position to tell anybody else how they should or shouldn't be using social media.

Isn't one of the beauties of social media the fact that it is being utilized in ways that nobody could have ever imagined? Isn't it remarkable to see what has grown from something considered to be a fad is now commonplace and frankly an every day staple in our society?

Are there people who have absolutely zero netiquette and are frankly obnoxious... yes, absolutely there are. But hey, guess what, there are people outside of social media that don't have a considerate bone in their body and obnoxious wouldn't be a strong enough word to describe them.

Are there those using social media for reasons other than connecting and networking... yes, absolutely there are. Is it really a problem that they are using a tool (remember, social media is just a tool) for purposes other than connecting and networking?

My point here is simple, and maybe I'm wrong and way off base, but I just feel that we all have a choice on how we choose to use social media. I also think we should embrace social media for what it is... a tool that is customizable and personalized for all of our use, which means everyone is going to use it a little differently.

As I said, maybe I'm way wrong and not using social media properly by writing this blog post, but then again, maybe I'm not...