Saturday, September 14, 2013

10 bold statements in education...

It's 2013, so now is probably a good time to stop saying 21st century skills, and just start saying 'life skills.'

If we aren't treating school like the 'real world' for our students, then how could we ever say we are preparing them for it?

Every time you catch yourself saying you 'have' to do something, replace it with you 'get' to do something... it's all about your perspective.

Technology devices don't make bad decisions and they surely don't bully others... this is why teaching and embedding digital citizenship is so important.

Your school culture is not something set in stone; each and every educator has the ability to shift and adjust the school culture on a daily basis.

The less teachers teach in the traditional sense and the less teachers grade the more students will learn and the more relevant and purposeful we will make education.

Teachers, not one rule you make during the first few weeks of school will cause good behavior in May; every strong relationship you make will though... via @drjoeclark

Formative assessments are not part of the grading process; they are part of the instructional process.

When you average all the scores throughout the semester, you are saying that the scores in the beginning of the year are just as important as those in the end.

Super heroes don't need to fly and don't need to wear capes; sometimes they just need to simply kneel down and provide a helping hand up.