Monday, April 4, 2011

My challenge to you...

Larry Fliegelman (@fliegs) is doing another blogging challenge for the month of April; the #Apr13 blogging challenge. Larry's commitment and dedication to blogging, sharing and collaborating with others are uncontested. Larry has been doing an excellent job of encouraging Educators to share, learn and explore as a collaborative group.

Jeff Delp (@azjd) recently wrote a great blog post titled, You Call that Innovative?!, which talks about his school's journey toward "blended learning." Jeff also mentions how a lot of great Educators are doing similar practices already in their respective classrooms and schools, but there are others who might be completely unaware or are still trying to catch up. Jeff ends his post with a home run..."our best chance at true innovation is through collaboration."

Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell) recently finished her 30 goals for 2011 challenge. This was an awesome "call to action" for Educators in both their personal and professional lives. Shelly is consistently at the forefront of motivation and inspiration. We are all better Educators (and humans for that matter!) because of Shelly's willingness to share and collaborate.

All 3 of these great Educators are doing their part by encouraging, by modeling and energizing the educational base. They are leading by example, and they exemplify the open, transparent and collaborative nature we need in education to continue progressing.

My challenge to you is simple:

- blog about something awesome you are doing in your school or district!
- share a positive story about education to someone who doesn't work in education!
- tweet about an activity that went perfectly in your class!
- send the link to an awesome website to one of your colleagues!
- explore potential solutions with a teacher you know is struggling!
- invite your departmental colleagues to an afternoon share session at a local establishment!
- set a goal for yourself to share at least one piece of information a day that could help teachers!
- ask your administration to give you time to discuss & collaborate at your next faculty meeting!
- start a departmental / school blog where Educators can share their ideas and best practices!
- ask a colleague about something he/she is doing that is going very well...ignite the fire!

Most importantly...never forget the power of sharing & collaboration;

 None of us is as smart as all of us.  ~Ken Blanchard