Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's all about sustainable momentum...

I think Educators in the Twitterverse and Blogosphere have done a great job of sharing how Twitter and blogging can be great tools for personal and professional growth. Consequently, I think we are doing a good job of spreading the word and getting new non-twittering and blogging Educators involved.

I do however have a concern. For every Educator that starts tweeting or blogging, I feel as if we have lost another Educator who just got started but was not able to keep up the momentum. Too often I see blogs with 3 or 4 posts, and then zilch...too often I see Twitter accounts with 50 -100 tweets, then more zilch...

Why are some Educators able to get going and maintain momentum while others start strong only to fade away?

When we are sharing the benefits of social media should we be targeting a particular kind of Educator...? Are some Educators with certain characteristics more inclined to embrace social media than others?

So often I think we are concentrating on the benefits of using Twitter and blogging, but I think we tend to forget some of the struggles we may have had in our Twitter and blogging infancies.

How can we continue to encourage Educators to use and embrace social media as a professional growth tool, while recognizing we will have to at some point in time reach a critical mass to keep moving forward?

How can we help those Educators new to the Twitterverse and Blogosphere so as to make sure they do not get frustrated or feel left out?

It is my hope that with this blog post we can start a conversation around not just sharing the power of Twitter and blogging, but to focus on ways we can sustain and bolster those Educators who have taken the leap into the Twitterverse and Blogosphere...

What would you add to this conversation?