Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Do you speak their language?

How often do you hear students complaining about a teacher who told them to put their cell phone away, or turn their iPod off?  If your school is anything like my school, then I am sure you hear this on a daily basis.  Integrating technology into the classroom has been a hot topic over the last several years, and as our society continues to embrace new technological advances, Education 2.0 will hopefully continue to gain traction.

I have been using a lot of my summer to research and learn about new ways to use technology in my classroom.  The great thing about using technology in the classroom is that we for the most part won't have to teach the students how to use the technology.  Ironically, the students might be doing a majority of the teaching, by teaching the teachers how to use THEIR technology.  More importantly, I want to bring the 21st century advancements in technology into our classrooms so we can close the gap between our schools, and the "real" world.  Unfortunately, going into most schools is like going 20 years into the past in terms of applying current technological trends.

This upcoming school year I plan on using Twitter in my classroom to stay connected with both students and parents.  Additionally, I want to give my students and parents the opportunity to voice their comments and concerns in an open and transparent forum.  I hope to also utilize the many resources available online to "engage" the students in the learning process.  I want them to help me integrate technology into the classroom.  I will ask them for advice and suggestions that could prove to be influential in gaining their trust, as well as their attention!

This video highlights the importance of using current technologies (which the students already use) in the classroom to address student disengagement and student boredom.  "When I go to school, I have to power down," perfectly illustrates exactly why it is imperative that we change the way we approach technology in the classroom.  Enjoy!