Friday, July 30, 2010

What should busy administrators be reading (or watching)? - Leadership Day 2010

This is my first time participating in Leadership Day 2010, and I must say I am really excited to be a part of this fantastic movement.  As educators, I would argue we all need to be inspirational and progressive leaders in our own right; however in education's current form we have building administrators and central office administrators as our leaders.  Their jobs are extremely difficult, and I can honestly say most people have no idea how much time and commitment is required for them to do their jobs in a meaningful and effective manner.  Consequently, as the leaders of a building or district, it is imperative that these administrators are at the cutting edge of new technological advances that could be utilized in a school setting. 

Leadership Day 2010 is here to help.  Bloggers from around the world are here to contribute their thoughts, their resources, and their beliefs on ways both building and central office administrators can better utilize technology to improve the educational process. 

Currently, I am a high school German teacher, but on the side I am an aspiring administrator.  The preparation for this transition has challenged me, and it has forced me to really think about my educational beliefs and the educator I am.  The biggest challenge I have faced is the growing need of technology integration into school curricula and school instruction.  I have used a majority of my summer to find resources and networks to help me grow as an instructional leader who utilizes technology.

Here is my list of resources for aspiring, new, current and retired administrators who want to see technology integration in an educational setting:

1. Read: The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life by Zander and Zander  
2. Join: Thomas Whitby's Personal Learning Network:
3. Read: How to Use Twitter in the Classroom:
4. Watch: TED for "ideas worth spreading" -
5. Start a blog:
6. Read:
10. Ask for help, input, advice, suggestions - everyone wants to feel needed :)

This list has been extremely helpful for me as I continue to grow and evolve as an educational leader, and it is my hope this list can help you transform your school or district into a technology supporting entity.

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  1. I have The Art of Possibility sitting on a stack of "Will Read Eventually". Thanks for the nudge to crack it open and get reading.