Thursday, June 26, 2014

You are the 'game changer'

Too often in education I think we sit back and react to what happens.

We patiently and politely allow life and school to happen without putting too much skin in the game.

Talk of change and innovation tend to stay just that, talk.

We more often than not feel like we are merely pawns in a bigger game of chess.

We are all looking for that quick fix or that dynamic person who will provide us all the answers to our questions...

Well, I'm not comfortable with the sit and wait approach.

I'm not comfortable with putting the fate of my situation in someone else's hands.

And frankly I'm not comfortable with and I don't believe our kids deserve to be told to be patient while someone else or something else provides our solution.

It may be simple and maybe I am overplaying the value of words, but what if we shifted our thinking?

What if we weren't waiting for that 'game changer,' and instead we ourselves became the 'game changer?'

What if every day we went to school we viewed ourselves as our solution? What if we took back the power and stopped waiting for someone or something else?

Just think what would be possible if we made this shift.

Let's empower ourselves and make this vitally important shift and stop waiting for superman and instead become the superman/woman our kids deserve...