Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The balance between new ideas & the 'rut'

So, I honestly don't think there is a shortage of great ideas. To be frank, I think there are so many great ideas that we struggle to focus in on just a few that we can actually manage at any given time.

Having said that, it's also pretty easy to get stuck in a rut. Not because the rut is the best thing since sliced bread, but because the rut is comfortable. The rut is predictable and we know exactly how the next leg of the rut is going to turn out.

We become complacent and content with the preparation required to travel the rut and the overall outcome as a result of the rut never comes as a surprise.

This rut and level of comfort can become quite dangerous if we allow them...

So, my recommendation and advice are simple:

When trying a new idea, continue doing the idea if the results are positive or up until you can comfortably say the new idea isn't working and isn't yielding the desired results.

I know some changes require time to fully develop, but I think if the idea is worthy and good, you will see immediate results, albeit small, but positive results nevertheless.

If it's been a while since you've tried something new that you've learned from a conference, conversation, tweet, article, or any other medium, then what the heck are you waiting for!

The perfect time to try something new is right now because right now can't be returned and can't be recovered.

You won't regret the new idea you tried that failed, but you will regret the idea you never tried and the opportunity you missed...