Tuesday, April 22, 2014

One bad apple doesn't ruin the 'bunch'

We all know that person.

We all know that group.

We can predict with precision what they will say way before ever even asking the question.

We know exactly the tone that will be in their voice.

We know it doesn't matter if we are talking about students or if we are talking about adults... this type of person exists at all ages.

Do yourself a favor.

Realize and appreciate the fact that the world is full of great people. 

Great people who are not like 'that' person.

Great people who do everything in their power to not be associated with 'that' group.

Great people who will fight for what is right no matter how many of 'those' people are in the room.

Great people who don't want to be and don't deserve to be put in 'that' group.

Remember, one bad apple doesn't ruin the bunch and most definitely doesn't represent the whole lot of apples...