Saturday, February 15, 2014

10 conversations you need to have in your school

1). How would teachers respond if we did a monthly ‘lunch learn bash’ during their lunch time? A specific topic would be selected (based on teacher need/request), teachers would have a sign-up sheet saying they plan to attend during their lunch time, and the district would provide lunch for the teachers.

2). Are we offering enough ‘parent’ events that encourage dads to take an active part in their child’s education and learning experience?

3). Most education innovation dies of ‘domestic violence.’ How do we ensure we are keeping #educatoroneducatorcrime to a minimum so new ideas aren’t crushed before inception?

4). How often do we remind our students of their deficiencies rather their strengths, interests, and passions? Are we making sure we include time for kids to find success, or are we constantly throwing their weaknesses in their faces?

5). Are we doing a good enough job of sharing our moments of ‘genius,’ or are we keeping them secret because we are afraid of what others might say? Are we making it safe for folks to share their moments of genius…?

6). We ask our teachers to ask our students to take risks and take chances as part of the learning process. Are we creating a safe and supportive environment for our teachers to take risks and take chances?

7). The influence of technology and social media on learning is undeniable, and it is only going to increase. As educators, are we modeling appropriate usage of technology and social media?

8). Those kids in our classes that are invisible… are we helping our teachers to make sure they are providing opportunities for those students to become visible? Are we helping those kids to find their voice and find their niche? This goes the same for our teachers…

9). Doing a PDF/word document worksheet on a laptop is like driving a Ferrari 5 miles per hour on the autobahn. How are we ensuring that we are using technology to reshape and redefine learning experiences rather than simply doing the same types of things we have always done?

10). Are we doing enough to honor the work of our students by ensuring it’s published and viewable for the masses? Are our students working just for their teachers, or are they working for the benefit of society? Does their work matter to people other than their teacher…?