Monday, January 20, 2014

Don't live your life in fear

Should you, or shouldn't you?

How will others react to what you've done?

Will you end up regretting what you've done at a later date?

This opportunity doesn't come around often, will it come around again?

If you do this, will others look upon you differently?

Can you recover from your actions if things don't go well?

We all live a life full of choices and a life full of decisions.

Though it may not seem like it, these choices and decisions we are faced with on a daily basis ultimately end up defining who we are.
As someone much smarter than I said, it's not what's inside of us that matters... it's what we do that defines us.

Obviously the choices we make affect those around us, and it's how these choices affect others that typically ends of deciding if or whether the choice was a good one or not.

I'm not saying we should ignore how our choices affect those around us. This is a vitally important part of life.

But let's be clear about one thing...

We too have to live with our own choices and we have to live with how our choices affect us as well.

It's easy to say why you can't do something or why you didn't do something. It's frankly too easy which makes it far too common.

Fear is an important emotion that which we can't ignore.

However, if your life is consumed with your fears and 'what ifs' and 
what abouts.' you will surely miss out on all the possibilities that you can't yet imagine and can't yet foresee.

It's those decisions and choices we make when fear is all around us that teach us the most.

It's when fear is at its tipping point that true character and courage shine through.

Fear let's you know you are human... 

Being human is what allows you to act inspite of your fear...