Saturday, December 21, 2013

Is being connected actually disconnecting us?

More and more we hear of the advantages and the ever-growing comforts of being 'connected.'

At times I even struggle to imagine what life would be like without all of this connectedness.

But, in spite of all the wonderful positive advantages of being connected, I worry we may be slowly losing something far greater and far more important.

We've all missed an event that's happening right before our eyes because we were buried in a phone.

We've all told someone to wait while we just finished that last text message, Facebook post or tweet.

We've all spent hours reading about and researching something that we could probably go experience in person.

We've all sent a quick email over the just as simple quick phone call or walk down the hall and face-to-face interaction.

We've all thought that by being more connected we were building better, longer-lasting, and more sustainable relationships.

There's no doubt that being connected is a part of being human, however the means and the tools we use to be connected  must be carefully evaluated and monitored to ensure they are actually helping us achieve our goal.

Take 3 minutes to watch this extremely moving and extremely powerful video by David Bowden on if or whether we are moving toward a hyper connected or disconnected world.