Sunday, December 29, 2013

Are you cooler online than you are in-person...?

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to meet one of your online 'idols?'

We spend time online interacting with folks from all around the world and at times we have pretty in-depth and complex conversations. 

We begin to think we really know these people because these online conversations lead to Google Hangouts which then may even lead to a face-to-face meeting at a conference or even a family vacation where paths may cross.

Naturally, we've developed a preconceived notion of who we think this person is and how they will act in-person.

Then, finally, that face-to-face interaction is planned and you have the opportunity to meet this person.

And then, that person you thought you knew is completely different in-person and isn't quite what you expected.

Maybe this person isn't the 'bigger than life' and outgoing person you thought they would be.

Maybe you left the interaction somewhat let down because the person didn't live up to all the hype you created for them.

Here's the thing... who we are online and who we are in-person may not be the same. The fact that we are online says something about us...

Are you that person who enjoys a Friday evening catching up on reading blogs and following your streams on Tweetdeck?

Are you that person who finds small-talk to be difficult and taxing?

Are you that person who is more comfortable planning things in advance and being mentally prepared for whatever comes your way?

Are you that person at a party who talks with people you already know rather than trying to talk with and meet new people?

As Bill Ferriter (@plugusin) would say, does this make any sense?

Oh, also, I'm 'that person' by the way...