Sunday, February 10, 2013

The networked educator...

What if you could bounce ideas off educators not just in your hallway... school... district... state... or even your country...? What if you could open up learning for your students... what if the great many opportunities of the world were at your and your students' fingertips? The truth is, you can, and it's happening all the time!

Welcome to the Networked Teacher:

Have up to 10 educators or students in a "Google Hangout" discussing and working collaboratively via Google Plus:

Amplify your voice and broaden your pool of knowledge by asking questions and sharing ideas while getting instant feedback via Twitter. At the secondary level, create a hashtag (#mathMrsmith) for your classroom so kids can communicate and share information about the class.

Bonus, check out Hootsuite to set up a schedule of your tweets which will allow you to write your tweets in advance and have them sent out later automatically!

Start a blog to share your educational learning experiences; create a platform for discussion via the comment section on your blog. Have your students start a blog so they can share their work with an audience of more than just you, their teacher:

Skype with another classroom on the other side of the United States; Skype with other educators to discuss best instructional practices:

Start pinning with Pinterest:

Have your students use their iPods, iPads, or iPhones to create their own videos via iMovie. Bonus, as a teacher, create your own short videos to archive important concepts or lessons and share with kids who were absent... explore flipped teaching!

Being a networked educator is all about not working alone. It's all about tapping into the vast world that is quickly becoming smaller and smaller.

Leave a comment below to share how you are or could become a "networked educator."