Saturday, June 18, 2011

What does this mean...?
We are all aware of the discussions surrounding education reform and ways we can improve education. These discussions can be both energizing and demoralizing. These discussions have divided our society on how and why we should be changing our educational system. I don't have any intentions of addressing any of these issues in this blog post, but I do however want to share some numbers with you.

365 days per year / 24 hrs per day / 1,440 mins per day

Students spend 13 years in school from age 0-18

Age 0-18 / 365 days * 18 years = 6,570 total days alive

6,570 days * 1,440 minutes per day = 9,460,800 total minutes alive from age 0-18

350 minutes per day in a classroom for 180 days per year (total 13 years in school)

350 minutes per day * 180 days per year = 63,000 minutes in a classroom per year

13 years in school * 63,000 minutes per year = 819,000 total minutes in a classroom

819,000 total classroom minutes / 9,460,000 total minutes alive = 8.7%

If my math and calculations are correct, it would seem that from the age of 0-18, the average student in the United States will spend roughly 9% of his/her life in a classroom. That means 91% of a child's life from the age of 0-18 is NOT spent in a classroom. In my opinion, as an Educator and as a citizen of The United States, this is extremely pertinent information that is undoubtedly relevant when discussing the measures and the means of education reform.

What does this mean to you...?