Sunday, June 12, 2011

My 10 goals as a 1st year administrator...

Over the last couple of weeks I have been utilizing the power of my PLN to garner advice and feedback as I begin my transition into the role of an administrator. I am completely humbled and amazed at the level of support and encouragement I have received. This is a true testament to the commitment and dedication so many Educators have to improving education. Check out these amazing comments on my "The Journey Continues" post, and also check out this entire blog post, "Advice to New Administrators" by @hatcherelli.

Even though my assistant principal journey has already begun, I won't officially start until July 20th, which fortunately gives me some time for my "list." As all great Educators do, I feel it is important to outline some personal goals and aspirations. This list of 10 goals will be on my desk as a daily reminder of what I am aiming to accomplish:

1) - I will help to create a shared vision for students, staff and community members. I will take the time to gather input and knowledge from as many stakeholders as possible.

2) - I will utilize my supervisory time to build and establish relationships with students and staff. I will talk with students and staff and ask them about their lives in a sincere and caring manner. I will take an active interest in learning as much as I can about them.
3) - I will have high expectations for students, staff and myself. I will help to empower others to take control of their own learning and development by establishing an environment built on accountability and responsibility.

4) - I will support and encourage those with whom I work. I will work to embrace a sharing and collaborative school culture that takes risks in an effort to do great things.

5) - I will listen more than I talk. I will use my two ears more than I use my one mouth, and I will try to learn as much as I can from others. I will make it a priority to get into classrooms to observe on a daily basis, and I will learn by listening and observing.

6) - I will communicate with and involve parents and community stakeholders as often as possible. I will work with teachers and staff to keep parents informed and up-to-date with what is going on in our school through the use of weekly newsletters, our school website and social media outlets.

7) - I will share the power of my PLN with my colleagues. I will take the time to meet with anyone interested in learning more about using social media as a means toward professional growth. I will model being a lifelong learner for both students and staff.

8) - I will base every decision I make on what is best for students. It is difficult to not get caught up in everything that is going on, but I will make every effort to put students and their needs first.

9) - I will have a healthy balance between my professional and personal life. Though I anticipate the high level of time commitment required for this job, I do not want my job to consume my entire life. My family, friends and colleagues will all benefit from this healthy balance.

10) - I will figure out a way to get in the classrooms to teach. If this means working out a schedule to teach a class so a teacher can observe another teacher, or if this means just giving a teacher a break so I can teach, then so be it. I love teaching and I am sure I will miss it; plus, it's a great way to model effective instructional strategies for younger teachers.

What goals would you add...?