Friday, September 25, 2015

Change: Choose the crockpot over the microwave...

Change isn't easy.

Leaders live and die by the sword of change.

Some choose to move quickly and without hesitation... while others choose a more methodical and systematic approach.

In the end, more times than not, change is short-lived and typically associated with the individual who first initiated it. In other words, when the individual who initiated the change in the beginning leaves, the change often times goes with them and doesn't sustain itself within the organization.

Change isn't easy.

Change takes time and change takes careful preparation and planning.

Change requires one to be patient.

Change needs someone who is able and willing to allow things to slowly take shape.

Change has good days and change has bad days.

Some of those bad days will make one question if it's all worth it.

Change doesn't always need involvement by the leader... sometimes it's when the leader steps back the most progress is made.

When discussing change and developing a plan for change, keep a simple comparison in mind...

Choose the crockpot over the microwave...

Thank you Banks Summers, a The Leader in Me trainer, for sharing this great perspective.