Thursday, August 13, 2015

10 questions to help start the grading conversation at your school:

1). Do you include student behaviors (effort, participation, adherence to class rules, etc...) in student grades?

2). Do you believe in grade reduction for work turned in late?

3). Do you believe extra credit and bonus points should be a part of a student's grade?

4). Should academic dishonesty result in a reduced grade?

5). Should group work be graded on a group basis or on an individual basis?

6). Do you include pop quizzes and timed assessments in your overall assessment structure?

7). Do you believe every activity or assignment that is completed should be graded and recorded in the gradebook?

8). Do you average all of a student's scores throughout the course of the semester?

9). Do you believe all students should be doing the same assessments for it to be fair?

10). Do you believe there is a place for zeros in grade reporting?