Monday, March 9, 2015

What I wish I'd known as a first year teacher

1). Kids have needs that go far beyond anything in the curriculum or the content you teach.

2). Being tired and being mentally drained will become less of an issue over time, but do be sure to take care of yourself and tend to your basic needs like health and sleep.

3). Observing other teachers teach and inviting them to observe you to then discuss is a wonderful use of your non-existent time.

4). Doing something 'cool' or innovative with your students can cause your colleagues to be jealous.

5). It's personal the day it occurred... but in the long-term, it's rarely if ever personal between you and the student.

6). Kids want autonomy, flexibility and freedom... but they also secretly crave structure and safety in process first...

7). You're not there to be a friend, but there are days when your students will need you to be much more than 'just' a teacher.

8). Though mistakes will be plentiful and 'what the heck was I thinking' moments frequent, you won't permanently damage your students to where whatever you've done is irreparable.

9). A supportive and encouraging administration is a blessing that unfortunately all teachers don't have the luxury of... how so lucky and fortunate I was.

10). Go out and do what you do best... you were hired for a reason and it wasn't because nobody else was available.