Monday, September 8, 2014

The H&R Block Budget Challenge awaits you!

I can remember in high school taking a personal finance class. At the time the class didn't really have a huge impact on me as I didn't always see the connection and relevance to my life. If I only knew then what I know now...

Far too often kids are leaving high school with limited knowledge about the basics of personal finance and the possible long-term implications that can and will result from poor financial decisions. Sure, money isn't everything, but it definitely can make things in life easier.

Having said all that, there is a wonderful opportunity for students and teachers to get involved in a program that will help students to more fully understand the importance of good personal finance.

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The H&R Block Budget Challenge will allow students to participate in a FREE online simulation that allows students to experience the real-life expenses and experiences that come with adulthood.

The neat thing about this challenge is that students get to experience paying bills, paying taxes, and planning and saving for retirement. These aren't exactly the types of activities that most high school students get to experience which is why this program can be quite beneficial for preparing our students for the 'real-world.'

Even more, the students and the classes that participate have several opportunities to actually win large amounts of money. Each classroom and each student is competing with other classrooms and other students and it's the individual or collective success that determines if or whether money can be won.

I will definitely be sharing this information with the business and personal finance teachers in my district as this appears to be a great opportunity for students to learn and strengthen their personal finance knowledge.

Good luck to all participants!