Thursday, May 8, 2014

We no longer need to ask 'what if?'

What if more and more people were talking about education and its effects on society?

What if differentiating and personalizing a student's learning experience was easier than ever?

What if we knew more about the brain and how it impacts learning?

What if information was easily and quickly accessible 24/7?

What if we had the tools to connect with and collaborate with people from around the world?

What if the 'opportunity gap' and the access to information gap were shrinking and education wasn't reserved just for the privileged?

What if we had problems in society that needed as many brains as possible working together toward solutions?

What if kids growing up needed us more than ever?

The good news here is that all of the above questions are true and possible and/or already occurring.

The great news is that the value and importance of education only seem to be going up.

The even greater news is the point that now is the most exciting time ever to be in education.

The scary and daunting news here is that the role of education has become so critically important that we have very little room for error.

Don't forget how important you are, and also don't forget how important the time you spend with your students is...