Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The importance of teamwork...

Over the last several weeks I have had the opportunity to speak with several different people who are the leaders, coordinators, directors, and supervisors in their respective departments within my school district. This opportunity has reaffirmed my appreciation for the many intricacies of a school district.  

Having served as both a teacher and an administrator, I have way too often went to my classroom, went to schools in the district, and now my office, and have completely taken for granted my surroundings. Unfortunately, many educators including myself, take for granted the many things that are happening behind the scenes. 


Before I even wake up on a given morning there are people working to make sure the buses are safe to transport students; there are people doing repairs all throughout the district; there are people coordinating after school programs; there are people arranging subs for sick teachers; and there are people preparing food to feed our students upon arrival to school. These are just a few examples of the many people who are providing support to our schools.

My point is simple; as a teacher and administrator, I would not be able to do my job if these hardworking people whose contributions often go unnoticed were not doing their jobs. When you work for a school district everybody is working toward the same goal. We are all here to create a safe, positive, and encouraging environment that produces lifelong learners who are prepared to be successful democratic citizens. 

So, the next time you use that empty trash can in your classroom or your office, you enjoy the nice air conditioned school in which you work, you relish the fact that the technology you are using is working properly, and you teach students who arrived at school on time who now have a full belly, please remember the people who are responsible for making this happen. A school district is a complex and delicate structure that requires the expertise of several different people to run efficiently and effectively.

Be aware, be thankful, and be appreciative to those who help us do our jobs, by doing theirs...