Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Too much of a good thing...?

Is it possible to care too much?

Is it possible to have too much passion?

Could you imagine a world in which too much of a good thing could actually turn out to be a bad thing...?

Can caring too much and having too much invested, ultimately narrow your focus so much that you are unable to see the bigger picture? Can caring too much cause you to dwell and concentrate on what has happened, while completing missing what could happen...?

Passion, I tend to think passion is a great thing, and as such I have tried to live a life full of passion and energy. I have found passion to be energizing to not only those around me, but also energizing to myself as well.

Passion, can it, in too great of a dose, hinder your ability to move forward and prevent the intended effect on others?

Does having too much passion toward a particular topic or area make you vulnerable and put you at risk? Does your passion blind you and become a liability which leads to a weakness...?

Perhaps I am totally off base right now...

Perhaps there is some truth to these questions...

Perhaps there is a happy medium, and in order to find that happy medium we must dip our toes in the water and test it. Test it to help find the path leading to the thin line separating the two. Test it to discover a healthy passion and a healthy level of care...