Sunday, November 27, 2011

Are we ever truly alone...?

A school district of 1,000 students or a school district of 30,000 students is extremely complex. From the simplest procedures all the way to the most complex and intricate procedures, many hands are involved in every decision and ultimately help make sure the "average" school day takes place...if there is such a thing as an average school day.

Before I even wake up on a given morning there are people working to make sure the buses are safe to transport students, there are people doing repairs all throughout the district, there are people coordinating before school programs, there are people arranging subs for sick teachers, and there are people preparing food to feed our students upon arrival to school. My point is simple; as an educator I would not be able to do my job if these often "forgotten and under appreciated rockstars" were not doing their jobs. When you work for a school district it is important to remember that we are all working toward the same goal. We are here to create a safe, positive and encouraging environment, that promotes lifelong learning so as to prepare our students to be successful democratic citizens.  

So, the next time you use your empty trash can in your classroom, you enjoy the nice air conditioned or heated school in which you work, you push the "on" button on your computer and it turns on, and you teach students who arrived at school on time, please remember the people who are responsible for making this happen. A school district is a complex and delicate structure that requires the expertise of several different people to run efficiently and effectively. Be aware, be thankful, and be appreciative of those who help us do our jobs, by doing theirs...

So, in this time of the year when many of us are thankful and cheerful about what has been and what will be, please remember to recognize and appreciate those around you who help make it all possible.

Be sure to pass this message along by showing your appreciation and gratitude!