Monday, July 11, 2011

Actions speak louder than words...

One week from today will be my first "official" working day as an assistant principal. In an effort to prepare for this new endeavor, I have been doing a lot of reflecting and thinking. Additionally, I have been trying to learn anything and everything I can that might help me to be successful in this position. Though I don't think it's common for an assistant principal to have a "school entry plan" or any formalized plans of action, I have spent the last month or so reflecting and figuring out ways to implement new programs.

- I was fortunate to have the opportunity to Skype with @dwight_carter 's administrative team and @l_hilt to gain great insights from experienced administrators. This is an excellent example of the power of PLNs.

- I spent time talking with & meeting local administrators as I contemplated "my 10 goals as a 1st year administrator." This allowed me to reflect, as well as get tons of great feedback & comments from experienced administrators on the upcoming year.

- I began designing a professional studies book club to help Educators at PBJHS grow both professionally and personally. It is my hope to use the book club as a way to enhance relationships and reinforce the concept of teamwork in an effort to improve student achievement at PBJHS.

- I sent this request to my Superintendent to allow us to use Facebook and Twitter as tools to enhance communication with parents, as well as to share the many great things going on at PBJHS. We were granted permission.

- I prepared a list for my Assistant Superintendent on the benefits of an iPad, and how this tool would help my building principal and I do our jobs more efficiently and effectively. We were successful and received the iPads within two days.

- I created a professional development blog for PBJHS teachers. It is my hope to have a centralized location of PD resources that are archived and accessible anywhere with internet access. My plan is to share my top 5 weekly resources in a blog post on the PD blog. Additionally, I hope to model effective blog use in an effort to get my fellow colleagues blogging.

- I designed a handout (which is not completely finished) for our 7th and 8th grade orientation nights. I really want to embrace transparency and share information about our school.

- Lastly, I refit this short motivational video for our first back to school faculty meeting. I hope this video inspires, motivates, and ignites the passion of learning and teaching in all my fellow colleagues at PBJHS.

I know there is no guarantee that any of these initiatives or programs will be successful or openly accepted, but I at least know that nobody will say I am all talk and no action. I honestly feel that each one of the before mentioned items can and will directly impact student achievement. Lastly, it is my hope to model lifelong learning and taking risks in an effort to improve education. Hopefully my actions are at least as loud as my words...