Thursday, May 12, 2011

My top 5 superstars for Educational Leadership

Dr. Troy Roddy has been blogging for only a short time, but his impact on the blogging community and school leadership has been huge. At "The Art of Education," Dr. Roddy blogs predominantly about school leadership and the ways school leaders can reflect and ultimately effect change at their schools. I have found Dr. Roddy's blog posts to be inspirational, motivational, and extremely pertinent for anyone looking to have a strong positive impact.

Mel Riddile is a secondary principal who continually gets me thinking and reflecting on school leadership. His blog posts are specific and objective-oriented, as well as being concise and to the point. Mel's blog, The Principal Difference, should be followed by ALL school leaders.

Follow Todd Whitaker on Twitter, and read some of his great books. Todd is a former administrator who offers great insight into the world of school leadership. One of my favorite things about Todd is that he will engage in a conversation with you on Twitter without hesitation. Great resource here!

As someone who is still fairly new to the social media scene, Dwight Carter has been extremely influential when it comes to providing a realistic and relevant approach to school leadership. Dwight is a high school principal who has been sharing his principalship journey. I am most impressed by Dwight's unyielding positive attitude and commitment to excellence; "Be Great." Mr. Carter's Office is Dwight's blog.

Lastly, I would recommend you follow Chris Lehmann. Chris is the principal of The Science Leadership Academy. Though Chris' blog posts are not always contained to school leadership, he does a great job of highlighting some of the major issues school leaders need to be considering and need to be aware of. Chris blogs at "Practical Theory."

What great Educators would you add to this list...?