Monday, September 20, 2010

Never underestimate the power of a child...

I watched this video on TED: Ideas worth spreading (which I highly recommend), and I have to say I was really intrigued by the topic.  Every day at school I get the opportunity to see students growing and developing...some more than others, and some not enough.  However inconsistent their growth may be, one thing is for certain...the growth and development of children can be summed up in one word - amazing!  If we give students the power and freedom, I can guarantee we will be impressed by their natural ability to connect with others, as well as their ability to empower others.  Embracing and unleashing the creativity and individuality of students is the first step in creating a world-class educational system.  Enjoy!    

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  1. I've made the comment more than once that I feel like I'm lucky to be able to spend more time with students and get to know them a little more/better than the average classroom teacher. I am continually amazed with so many of the students I come in contact with.. I would absolutely label many students as "amazing". I wish more people gave kids( of any age) more credit for what they're capable of, and would take time to listen to what they've already got inside their heads/hearts.