Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Your passion can be your worst enemy...

So, here's the scenario:

You excitedly start to share that great new idea you have and you immediately get this feeling that everyone around you is shutting down.

You continue to share the why and the how behind the great idea but you can't seem to make a connection.

By the time it's all said and done the audience has checked out and they are thinking about something else.

You start to reflect on what happened.

Did I say something wrong or was my approach off?

Was I mistaken in that the idea is really not that great?

Did I fail to explain the process properly and was everyone confused about the actual approach?
Was my passion and excitement too much and did I end up scaring everyone off?

You then begin to realize that this scenario has unfortunately played out before and that this isn't the first great idea to be dead upon arrival.

Now, perhaps it was a terrible presentation of the idea and perhaps it wasn't the right time for this idea.

But, for those who are super passionate and excited to share new ideas and new approaches, be cautious because it's that passion and excitement that can kill an idea before it even has a chance.

It may be hard to accept, but your passion doesn't always equate to someone else being as excited and as passionate about the same idea.

In fact, one's excitement can be a turn off as it can make some uncomfortable and uneasy.

Don't lose that excitement and passion, but do be aware of your audience and the appropriate time and place to let your passion shine...