Tuesday, March 25, 2014

10 non-negotiable leadership qualities

1). A great leader will stand up for his/her teammates... even when they may be wrong. A great leader will praise and support in public, and will correct and advise in private.

2). A great leader trusts you to do what you were hired to do. A great leader doesn't have the time nor the interest in micro-managing everything you do and everything you say.

3). A great leader knows lifting others up will be far more effective than tearing them down. A great leader offers a hand of assistance rather than a voice full of anger and disappointment.

4). A great leader makes you better and puts you in positions that align with your strengths. A great leader makes you better by modeling and asking great thought-provoking questions.

5). A great leader knows there is always something more to learn. A great leader doesn't hesitate to say 'I don't know.' A great leader takes sharpening the saw very seriously.

6). A great leader knows he/she doesn't have to be right all the time. In fact, being wrong is a worthwhile and humbling experience great leaders don't fear. A great leader focuses on winning the war, not on winning the battle.

7). A great leader will never hold you back or prevent you from growing and developing. A great leader isn't afraid of the success of others; a great leader takes pride in the success of others.

8). A great leader isn't afraid to make a decision when a decision needs to be made. A great leader doesn't shy away from difficult situations, they capitalize on the opportunities that come out of difficult situations.

9). A great leader will take a chance if he/she believes the risk/reward ratio warrants it. A great leader is never reckless, but a great leader doesn't fear taking a chance.

10). A great leader is always looking for a person to replace them. A great leader isn't just worried about the organization at present, but also in the future and beyond. A great leader knows sustainable and long-term success are better than short-term and short-lived success.