Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's all about the technology, but not like you think...

I just read a finance article that got me thinking… and no, this blog post does not serve as financial advice and/or a political statement!

We frequently talk about how technology can enhance and broaden learning opportunities for our students. What we don’t often talk much about are the negative effects of technology as it relates to jobs and the resulting implications for our schools.

Below are three quotations I pulled from the article:

“The waning benefits of globalization and the detrimental effects of technology.”

“The explosion of new technology in recent years has also helped power the global economy, but that new technology has its shady side."

"In the past decade, machines and robotics have rather silently replaced humans, and a recent MIT study affirms that workers are losing the race against the machine."

You can read the entire article here: New Normal is here to Stay

Furthermore, as someone smarter than I so eloquently put it:

“The value of individual pieces of content is dropping drastically as society is propelled toward a world of increasing uncertainty while schools try to provide our kids with the skills for jobs that don’t yet exist.”

This got me thinking about what our students need to be successful in a global economy. In the same breath, we know full well that our society is changing so rapidly that there is more uncertainty than there is known.

I don’t really know where I was going with this, but I think it really demonstrates the awesome responsibility we have as educators to prepare our kids for whatever the future holds…

~ Happy thinking!