Saturday, January 21, 2012

12 inspirational blog posts!

Though it has taken time to build up the long list of blogs that I follow through my Google Reader, I am quite certain it was well worth the time. We are all fortunate to have so many great inspirational minds sharing their experiences and thoughts with others. Here are 12 blog posts that have inspired me, motivated me, and encouraged me to be better than the day before. Enjoy!

1) - Att-I-Tude by @coolcatteacher
2) - It's easy... by @mrwejr
3) - Run your day by @bjnichols
4) - Change by @joe_bower
5) - The box by @tomaltepeter
6) - Have a great day (the choice is yours) by @umakadiff
7) - I am not a great teacher by @teachpaperless
8) - What does it mean to love a child? by @stevemiranda
9) - Don't be afraid to act by @justintarte
10) - These are my kids by @michellek107
11) - Today is yours by @coolcatteacher
12) - We need schools where everybody knows your name by @graingered