Monday, August 16, 2010

Reinventing yourself = survival...

My first official working day at school was today...I witnessed ups and downs, heard screams of joy, and whirlpools of pessimism and discontent.  As I thought more about the "happy" people, and the not so happy people, I decided to concentrate on why the "happy" people were happy.  I soon realized there seemed to be a couple underlying factors that lead to their happiness / enthusiasm toward the new school year.

I have to preface this by saying we are introducing an entirely new online gradebook / website for our school and district.  Needless to say, there are several staff members who are less than happy with the idea of a new grade program being introduced two days before school starts.  Part of me does not blame them... 

As educators grow and develop, they are given ample opportunities to reinvent themselves.  This new online gradebook / website is the perfect opportunity for our staff members to be innovative, while giving them the chance to reinvent the way they conduct classroom communication, as well as building and establishing relationships with parents.  I understand that educators tend to be creatures of habit, but just as our students change from year to year, day to day, and minute to minute, we must have the ability to reinvent ourselves to address the ever changing needs of our student population.

The "happy" people today were:

1- embracing change for the betterment of education and supporting any initiative aimed at improving the educational process for students, parents and educators.   

2 - invigorated by the idea and opportunity to reinvent certain components of their class, while accepting the fact that all new initiatives take time and patience.

Over the course of a career in education, we will all experience numerous changes and new programs.  These changes will be both good and bad, but it is imperative that we continually reinvent and innovate the way we approach education.

-The educator that sees opportunity as a path to growth will be the educator to survive longest.

-The educator that reinvents him/herself in the pursuit of improving education will have the greatest positive impact on his/her students.

-The educator using innovation as a tool to do his/her job more effectively...will be the happiest.

Let us use change and reform as a way to innovate, reinvent, adapt, grow, and develop...most importantly, envision a world where you are in's all up to you!


  1. Oh hey.... look at me feeling all guilty now.

    - t

  2. Great post hit home. I had decided after I called a friend and complained that I need to be more on the positive side of the spectrum. Granted I had every reason to complain but in the end like I tell my students,' If it changes things for the positive in any way complain away but if not don't'. So thankyou for your words of wisdom. First day of school with staff can be great catch up time. I really enjoy the first day back with students. Wonder if my new position as a school administrative manager will change that since I don't have a classroom and list of 'my' students. Now they are ALL by students and that does excite me. Have a great year!!! Keep posting blogs I really enjoy reading them.